Everybody seems to be on WordPress


I have a blog on Tumblr with an amazing six followers. If you have read any of my blogging you will know I lost a follower when I made a comment about my three hundred pound husband. Guess it was one of those guys looking to connect with the pretty single person or maybe they were three hundred pounds. I now have an editor, hi john, and he is on WordPress. He writes a blog here and there are several past entries I need to read among other folks, who write about writing, and they all seem to be on WordPress. I read on LinkedIn that WordPress is for blogs not for websites. But then I have read a lot on LinkedIn and some of it is very confusing. Where am I going with this? I wish I knew. I know I need a blog if I wish to be published or sell any of my writing, but the whole concept is difficult. If I am blogging I am not writing. Oops, I’m reading this and noted, I am writing, just not on any of my works in progress.

The point to all this, if there is a point, is blogging has become a very complex vehicle. There are blogs for profit, blogs for companies, blogs for just about everything and I do not really know where in that mess I might fit. Perhaps, I don’t really fit and that is not a shock. I am one of those folks who never really fits completely into any niche. I realized in ninth grade I was never going to get the “new math” and I also really looked at my school photo for that year. I looked 25 and I was pretty. Not a brag just a fact. I got my first marriage proposal that year from a friend of my older brother. I come from a dysfunctional family, like most everyone to some extent, but I had an ace. I was pretty. I wanted to go to college but was informed in my junior year I wasn’t going. That is a conversation for later, but I set off prior to the end of my senior year to find a place for me in the world. I thought just being pretty would suffice. Well, three and a half husbands later, I can say for a fact being pretty is fun but it is simply not enough. It is not just the lack of an advanced education but also the lack of a family’s support and guidance that can decide for you where you will and won’t fit into this world. And maybe that is what a blog is meant to be. A niche to sell, a place to educate, a vehicle to advance whatever you are working towards.

On that note, I shall stop writing, this blog anyway. I have a book finished if you don’t count the editing and two more in the works. I have a fourth in outline form and a fifth on legal pad scribblings, so I will get back to “work” and see if I can write something worth keeping. Ciao, darlings