If it Isn’t One Thing It’s Another

These will make you feel small. The ones that will make you cry are stumps the size of a house. Yes, I cried!

These will make you feel small. The ones that will make you cry are stumps the size of a house. Yes, I cried! 

It is time to pay the tax man again and I am in a foul mood. It isn’t as if I made a lot of money, on the contrary I made next to nothing, but I am self-employed. The self-employment tax could have been avoided if I had a tax guy who gets outside sales. But I went with a guy named Terry because his wife is a lovely lady and we worked at a charity together. Yes, I know, not a good reason to use the guy. I will never use this dope again but for this year I am stuck with a fool chosen by an idiot, me. Just to add insult to injury, I now owe him $325 for his no help. My mood is unchanged.

Why the redwoods? Well, when life sucks and today it does, I like to look at something that reminds me of better days. Don’t get me wrong I Hate California. I’ve been working to make my way out of this cursed state for over thirty years. The economy has made it more of a challenge than I had hoped, but some progress out of this very dry state has materialized in the form of vacating tenants. Now I can sell my rental and look for a replacement back in the land of water. My girlfriend in Ohio tells me the Ohio River flooded this year. Wow, the idea of water actually flooding is amazing. California is in a hundred year drought. Not totally sure what that means other than I want OUT! Property values are up, finally, after years of recession. The work around my home that needs to be done will take a little longer, but the end of my exile in the desert is in sight.

What have I learned in the Golden State? Well, you have heard it before and our Senators and Congressmen are living examples, “he who has the gold, makes the rules”. Money is required, in large amounts to survive well in this Land of the Redwoods. With the drought, the rest of our country will also find out just what water means. Farmers cannot farm without water and Los Angeles wants more water every year. The strange part about living here, and there are many strange parts, is that in spite of the horrific drought, new homes are going up like weeds. When forced to no long water my grass, I noticed the weeds still came up. We are told to reduce water usage by 25% while we watch the custom homes being built with their lovely fountains and large swimming pools. Hence, the saying made real and for all to see. With enough money you can buy whatever you want, even water where there is none. Jerry Brown is an idiot. Just sayin….


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