The Never Ending Edit


I seem to be always in the editing phase of my first novel, Lighted Windows. I sent off the next three chapters to my wonderful editor John Hudspith and I am now working on the next three or four if all goes well. What bugs me is the time necessary to work out the kinks (okay, there is no kink in this particular story) in a book I finished last year. I have two more books I am working on and finding time to work on them is a difficult proposition. There is all the life stuff to handle on top of blogging, and Facebooking and I have not Tweeted in a month and I have no idea how to Instagram but it appears that is also necessary for a complete author’s platform. I do have a cover now if I can just afford to complete the editing process if that is ever complete, and move on to the publishing phase.

I’ve been listening to Brenda Drake regarding pitching my book and reading Anne Allen for all kinds of good information and I am reaching information overload. I know it is the coward’s way out but honestly, Amazon is the elephant in the field so I may just join the slush pile. I know I should try to find an agent, but the query letter, the pitch at conferences and the research into each agent, is mind numbing.

Is it so wrong to just want to write? I’ve had years of jotting notes and writing scenes without the time to complete a work. Now I have time but the industry is changing and I feel the need to at least try to educate myself on the publishing industry. I am also not all that sure my funds will hold out long enough to complete even one professionally edited book, much less the five I have outlines and notes to write.

I am whining again. Sorry, sorry, truly my apologies. Thankfully I have no followers to offend. Enough for now, back to the book! Ciao my darlings, xx


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