To Edit, Per Chance To Scream


The book is LIGHTED WINDOWS, and while it is ‘finished’, its current phase is in editing. So much to learn and so many chapters yet to ‘fix’, I had no idea what I was getting into. I only wanted to write a book. To be totally honest, I wanted to write about six books or maybe seven depending on whether or not I write the fantasy/sci-fi one or not.

My editor (I so love that phrase), John Hudspith, is a wonderful human being. He wrote saying he was happy to see I had decided to “roll up my sleeves and crack on” with my first novel. I am endlessly grateful to this man.This is my first attempt at a book and I, like Grammarly, have managed to “cock it up” rather badly. Yes, I am paying John to help me polish this rusty bit of prose but there were so many other editors who would not even consider such a newbie as I. I know I have complained before about the costs, one wanted $20,000 with one-third upfront and then take a number and get in line, but the non-professional editors I looked into were English teachers or the like and they wished to strip the story of all cliques and most of its character. Please pardon me if I have asserted this novel has character but I wrote it so I am not a good judge.

Why the scream suggestion? Well, first I had to teach my right thumb about single spaces, then there was the matter of point of view and head-hopping confusion not to mention the single quote over the double quote thingie.The English teacher I mentioned, and please understand this person would have been an amazing teacher, suggested double quotes where John feels single quotes are appropriate. I think I may become fearful of either one.

So today I will blog here just a bit and then return to editing the first book. I also feel the need to write more on my works in progress, yes I meant that as a plural. I am not only editing my first attempt but working on the next two books at the same time. It gets really busy in my head at times. :> I am also attempting to read articles and a book about how one should blog. As a Realtor, I became familiar with SEO, meaning I knew what words to use to get my houses into search engines. Now, I have to learn what words will get my blog and by extension, my books into the same bloody search engines. Do you hear screaming??

One last note, if you will pardon me, but did you notice I generally fail to use contractions? I am not sure why I don’t use contractions. I think it was far too many years writing contracts, and counter offers and listing agreements and other such legal documents. To make your documents clear and possibly court ready, it is recommended that you abstain from using contractions. Just another bad habit to break, big sigh

Ciao my darlings! Thank you so very much for reading this far. I shall return, Anon  xx


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