Just a Wandering Thought


In the world of “romance” books, there are a few themes that belong more in a fantasy romance rather than anything that might pass for reality. They call themselves contemporary romance and while I am happy if these books make others happy, I am not generally going to ever pause long enough to read more than the blurb.

What stops me at the blurb? Well, I personally am so over vampires I could puke, so those don’t interest me. I am not really interested in shifters, but I may read a few before I mark them off, but the ones I will never read are about billionaires marrying anyone, not of their status. I briefly dated an old money type, a Von Meister. While he was a nice guy, he was also very clear that his family always married into another family or maybe it was a couple of families but they were old money and I don’t remember which ones. The kind of money many of these books portray would have nothing to do with the maid, waitress, barista or anyone working for a living. I remember waiting for this old money dude as he checked his mail. He had a fit because some Aunt he barely knew had died and left him $20,000. He was upset that he would have to pause in his legal studies to do something with that paltry sum before it messed up his investments and tax status for the year. ahhh  I was being forced out of college by the costs and told him he could gift it to me and write it off. He informed me that such a gift would limit his gifting abilities.

Sorry girls, rich folk generally do not even look at the help and those of us in the non-royal, non-old money tribe are mostly invisible to the rich. We don’t even understand their trials and tribulations, poor darlings. A trust fund does not make you any better or worse than others, but it does give you schooling and life lessons “normal” people do not have the opportunities to learn.

So I avoid billionaire romances, vampires, attorneys and I suppose that means I avoid most of the romance stuff. I love a good love story, but it seems  that to be a romance book, you need lots of sex and the more graphic the better. Well, we all know how the piston engine works. It is the emotions that lead to the master suite that interest me. Good solid people, no matter what they do, are interesting and the sex is just the icing, but that’s just me.

Adieu my darlings, I shall return anon or whenever the thoughts gather up enough to write about.


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