Point Well Made


I know I’m becoming redundant, but that is editing for you. Over and over reading the same stuff you wrote, some of it years ago, and trying to improve and polish it into something others would like to read. Plus I have an editor, yes I pay him but since four of my friends have already gone through this novel it was kind of the next step. Honestly, after some of the mistakes this wonderful person has saved me from, I would be required to pay just for the privilege of not looking silly. The book, when I finally get it fully edited, will not have the phrase, ‘scrambled eyes’ when I meant to say ‘scrambled eggs’. Huge thanks to John Hudspith for patience and honesty.

There is a point to this post, really there is! I took a break from editing Lighted Windows because I was in the sex scene and my point of view kept jumping from her to him and back again. I could not see the harm because, well it’s sex and we all know that is generally emotional, at least for one of the pair. But John has lectured me more than once about not ‘head-hopping’, meaning ONE point of view at a time, period. I was tearing my hair out because I did not want to lose this emotional bit in the book. So I paused to read a romance novel by Natalie Anderson or at least I think that was the author. First of all it jumps right into near rape at a rooftop pool. I would never allow someone I just met to fondle me but then it moves on to the two lead characters thinking about each other and doing the sex dance, no not real sex the stuff leading up to that. And that is where I finally got what John was trying to tell me. Duh! This author was head-hopping. First she thinks something about him then he thinks something about her and back and forth all on the same page in the same  paragraphs even. I was getting confused and impatient with the story. Yes, now I get it.

I have stopped reading the romance novel because, as my dearest John said, I got confused. I am now back at my novel moving things around and Not head-hopping. I may be losing some of the emotional punch but with some thought, I think I’ll be able to keep much of the feelings of these two characters. It does take some work and a lot of groans. Why the groan, well I want to show the emotions from both parties but now I must be mindful of who’s point of view I am writing in and not bounce around. Bouncing just makes the reader dizzy. Can’t have that 🙂

Ciao my darlings! Love and Light and yoga if you can!


Birthdays Stink


I actually wanted to say birthdays suck, but that is not a by-line I wish see on my site. Honestly, they do suck! I turned older last week, I hesitate to use a real number it would make it all too real. But, since no one really follows me I shouldn’t be so shy. So I will say that I turned sixty-three. Oh God, I never planned to live this long. Seriously, I would have taken better care of the chaise if I had known I would be around this long. Yes, if you asked, the picture is about ten years old. There is a lesson here, always allow anyone to take your picture. You may think it is a bad picture but if you hang around this Earth long enough, you will be happy that you have old pictures of yourself. You will never look that good again, well, without plastic surgery anyway.

I need a new picture but if what I see in the mirror is correct, I will not be happy about the new picture. Ah, but there is that advice again, always allow pictures. What if I am still around in ten years?? Will the mirror show me a better picture? Nope, not happening because I don’t believe in plastic surgery. What is the point anyway? The rest of the skin and ‘stuff’ is old, so making the face look ten years younger won’t make the thighs look ten years younger!

Okay, enough! I am older and wiser, well not really wiser but maybe just having been around all this time I have learned a few lessons, some of them very hard ones. Allow pictures my friends. As I have said, you will never look that good again.

Ciao darlings xxx

Sit and Sin


I am again editing Lighted Windows and again I’ve hit a point of view problem. Yes, John, I can hear you telling about the shelves of Amazon (well, at least the server blades) groaning under the weight of all the head-hopping, poorly edited novels and how I don’t wish to be one of those Indie authors. I get it I really do! But CRAP, I am reading a Christmas scene from this book and it works so well even with the head-hopping. BUT, I will, I don’t know how, find a way to remove the frivolous stuff and confine my points of view to one and only one at a time.

Even my current husband (yes, there have been others) is asking me where the sex scene is in Lighted Windows. The reason I am having such a time with these chapters of this book is, this is where the sex happens. I keep telling everyone that this is a love story, not a romance. Yes, there is romance but this is a story about real people, in a real place, with real problems. The problem for me is telling the story with all the emotions still intact and yet, not changing the point of view.

I did not set out to write the great American novel. I’m fairly sure I don’t have that much talent. But I did set out to tell the story of real people, in a very real place. I have been working on my two other works in progress and sex is a main topic in the next one, just not what you might be expecting. I have read several of the Amazon shelf-sagging romances, and while one or two have been fairly good, in this day and age I wonder if hopping into bed at the drop of a bra is as common as it used to be. Can you write a story without the main characters being rich, powerful and aggressively horny? Would it be worth reading? Would anyone want to read it? I can’t answer those questions. I can only write what comes out of my fingers and try to make it at least worthy of being read.

Why, Oh Why, You Must Have An Editor!


I write because I want to write. I write because I have always written. Some of the things I’ve written are just blurbs for advertising, but many are ideas, stories and complete novels. I want to publish and I realize I may not have talent. What I have also realized is that I cannot edit myself. I can read aloud to help my writing but there is simply no way I can publish a novel without an editor.

The above fact became ghastly evident to me just recently. I have been working with a wonderful man, John Hudspith, and I am deeply grateful to John for letting me send my work in bits because I cannot afford the entire novel all at once. As always, I have strayed off topic but let me explain my use of the word ‘ghastly’. The sentence I wrote and even read was along the lines of “There were sweet rolls, muffins and even a plate of scrambled eyes.” Yes, that is what I wrote, but I read it aloud and played the recording and the word was eggs. How in the name of Heaven can I read a word that is not there??? Even more important, how could my fingers betray me so horribly?

And that, dear ones, is why you must have an editor. This novel has been read and proofed by no less than four friends. These are not illiterate folk! These are educated, informed and intelligent people. No one noticed my lovely use of scrambled eyes and no one caught my T-shit when it should have been T-shirt. So, thank you, oh wondrous and Job-like patient editor for not allowing me to serve ‘scrambled eyes’ or put on a ‘T-shit’.

In the words of my dearest John, Onwards!

Ciao my peeps and Adieu my darlings. I shall return, Anon xx