Why, Oh Why, You Must Have An Editor!


I write because I want to write. I write because I have always written. Some of the things I’ve written are just blurbs for advertising, but many are ideas, stories and complete novels. I want to publish and I realize I may not have talent. What I have also realized is that I cannot edit myself. I can read aloud to help my writing but there is simply no way I can publish a novel without an editor.

The above fact became ghastly evident to me just recently. I have been working with a wonderful man, John Hudspith, and I am deeply grateful to John for letting me send my work in bits because I cannot afford the entire novel all at once. As always, I have strayed off topic but let me explain my use of the word ‘ghastly’. The sentence I wrote and even read was along the lines of “There were sweet rolls, muffins and even a plate of scrambled eyes.” Yes, that is what I wrote, but I read it aloud and played the recording and the word was eggs. How in the name of Heaven can I read a word that is not there??? Even more important, how could my fingers betray me so horribly?

And that, dear ones, is why you must have an editor. This novel has been read and proofed by no less than four friends. These are not illiterate folk! These are educated, informed and intelligent people. No one noticed my lovely use of scrambled eyes and no one caught my T-shit when it should have been T-shirt. So, thank you, oh wondrous and Job-like patient editor for not allowing me to serve ‘scrambled eyes’ or put on a ‘T-shit’.

In the words of my dearest John, Onwards!

Ciao my peeps and Adieu my darlings. I shall return, Anon xx


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