Sit and Sin


I am again editing Lighted Windows and again I’ve hit a point of view problem. Yes, John, I can hear you telling about the shelves of Amazon (well, at least the server blades) groaning under the weight of all the head-hopping, poorly edited novels and how I don’t wish to be one of those Indie authors. I get it I really do! But CRAP, I am reading a Christmas scene from this book and it works so well even with the head-hopping. BUT, I will, I don’t know how, find a way to remove the frivolous stuff and confine my points of view to one and only one at a time.

Even my current husband (yes, there have been others) is asking me where the sex scene is in Lighted Windows. The reason I am having such a time with these chapters of this book is, this is where the sex happens. I keep telling everyone that this is a love story, not a romance. Yes, there is romance but this is a story about real people, in a real place, with real problems. The problem for me is telling the story with all the emotions still intact and yet, not changing the point of view.

I did not set out to write the great American novel. I’m fairly sure I don’t have that much talent. But I did set out to tell the story of real people, in a very real place. I have been working on my two other works in progress and sex is a main topic in the next one, just not what you might be expecting. I have read several of the Amazon shelf-sagging romances, and while one or two have been fairly good, in this day and age I wonder if hopping into bed at the drop of a bra is as common as it used to be. Can you write a story without the main characters being rich, powerful and aggressively horny? Would it be worth reading? Would anyone want to read it? I can’t answer those questions. I can only write what comes out of my fingers and try to make it at least worthy of being read.


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