Birthdays Stink


I actually wanted to say birthdays suck, but that is not a by-line I wish see on my site. Honestly, they do suck! I turned older last week, I hesitate to use a real number it would make it all too real. But, since no one really follows me I shouldn’t be so shy. So I will say that I turned sixty-three. Oh God, I never planned to live this long. Seriously, I would have taken better care of the chaise if I had known I would be around this long. Yes, if you asked, the picture is about ten years old. There is a lesson here, always allow anyone to take your picture. You may think it is a bad picture but if you hang around this Earth long enough, you will be happy that you have old pictures of yourself. You will never look that good again, well, without plastic surgery anyway.

I need a new picture but if what I see in the mirror is correct, I will not be happy about the new picture. Ah, but there is that advice again, always allow pictures. What if I am still around in ten years?? Will the mirror show me a better picture? Nope, not happening because I don’t believe in plastic surgery. What is the point anyway? The rest of the skin and ‘stuff’ is old, so making the face look ten years younger won’t make the thighs look ten years younger!

Okay, enough! I am older and wiser, well not really wiser but maybe just having been around all this time I have learned a few lessons, some of them very hard ones. Allow pictures my friends. As I have said, you will never look that good again.

Ciao darlings xxx


3 thoughts on “Birthdays Stink

  1. Hi there,

    First of all, thanks so much for the blog post. It led me to your blog, which I am now following.

    And a belated Happy Birthday! I believe that age is really a state of mind. I know very dynamic and beautiful 50 year olds and I know very “old” looking and acting 25 year olds.

    We can’t stop the years from going by, but we can control our attitude towards those years.

    Make this year your best one yet!

    Nancy 🙂


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