The Hellish Days of Summer


We have actually been lucky here in Northern California, relatively speaking. Winter did not come this year meaning no rain, no rain and then it rained in May and even in June. As my daughter would say WTF! But not enough to actually make a dent in this ‘historic’ drought. I am so unlucky to still be in this awful place to make history. The snow also did not cover the Sierra Mountains, the source of our summer water.

One of my followers, wait, I only have one, anyway I digress again, said the rain in her world was depressing her. Oh, sweet lovely lady, please trade me your life, no don’t but think of this. I have a stand of birch trees in my backyard that I have nurtured for over twenty years and I must now watch them die one limb at a time. Falling white branches litter my yard, like bones in my private graveyard. I will at times weep to see my lovely trees dying slowly, if only tears were enough to save them.

Las Vegas has spent $800 million dollars on a tunnel over 800 feet in depth and soon will pull the concrete plug beneath Lake Mead and drain the lake, so they will be able to continue to pump water to Vegas. Not a thought given for the wildlife, fish, birds and animals that depend on this lake and with all that money to spread around, no one will question these vandals. It is beyond tears at this point.

The next war will be over water.There may not be bloodshed, at least I hope not, but there will be a line between those who can buy water and those that must do without. There will be those who must watch their world die slowly and be powerless to stop it. So, my lovely sweet follower, despair not over the gray clouds and soggy landscape. Your world still lives.


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