The Joy of Being Right!!


As you may know or maybe not, I have complete a novel titled: LIGHTED WINDOWS. It is currently in editing and I just recently had the funds to send another three chapters to my wonderful and ever so kind, editor, John Hudspith. He has been instrumental in cleaning up this first manuscript and catching ghastly errors that four of my friends missed. I will not mention those errors here but suffice it to say “…even a platter of scrambled eyes” (eggs) has been removed from my opus.

Last night as I was shutting everything off, I happened to notice I had an email from John. Since he had chapters to edit, I thought, why not check his note so I will know approximately how much work awaited me. Bad move on my part. The note said, and I paraphrase here, “…100% POV correct, equally perfect succinct imagery throughout. No failings whatsoever, oh, and no weird foodstuffs..”. He liked it! I did a good job, OMG, sleeping is something I could not do. I wanted to celebrate my success, even if it was only three chapters. It was done well and I did it. Yup, it took sleepy -time tea and emails at one o’clock in the morning before I was able to sedate myself to sleep. WOW, that felt so good.

I suppose I should have been sad that I celebrated with tea and my cat while my husband slept, but honestly, I felt so good I did not care that I was alone. I wrote this alone, so it did not bother me. My cat was very happy too, being nocturnal, he was thrilled to have me up at 2:00 A.M. It proves I can learn and maybe I can write even if it is just a simple love story (not a romance, I have been told, not enough sex). It was a joyful interlude. Now, I just need to squeeze the budget and send off the rest of this manuscript. It should take about four more bundles to Dearest John (great editor) and this first book will be off to the Amazon slush pile. But, I will not be that author with a badly edited book. I was right for a change, it was magical! Love, Light and lots of Chocolate my dear ones….Ciao


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