On Writing and Platform Building


I’m still a bit giggled that my editor, John Hudspith, returned my last three chapters as “spot-on”. Generally, his emails contain requests for re-writes, fixing of POV and other newbie oopses. So it was a rather big surprise to me this week when I sat down to write in the afternoon, as I am want to do and hit a Wall. I’ve never hit a wall before. It actually hurts. How can I not be able to write?? These are all stories I’ve written on paper (outlines anyway) and complete open, middle and close, written in my head for years. Yes, actually putting these books in the computer is more of a challenge than I had first thought, but still, LIGHTED WINDOWS, the first book, is complete. Therefore, the next couple of books ought to come together with continued effort on my part, right?

It was a necessary event I am sure and I will now remain utterly silent when writers complain about ‘writer’s block’. I did the only thing I could think to do since just staring at the words already written was not having the usual effect, I read one of Anne R. Allen’s blog entries. Do you believe in fate, Angels, divine providence or any such thing? Well, call it what you may, Anne’s blog post that I pulled up at random was about the care and feeding of your Muse. OMG! It is a wonderful piece and I want so much to give you a link, but I’ve no clue how to do that. Lacking a link, look for Anne R. Allen’s Blog at Blogspot.com and this particular piece is “11 Tips for The Care and Feeding of Your Muse: A Writer’s Guide (posted June 28th). Whether you write or just read this piece is well worth your time. For me, it was a lightning strike and I have been writing ever since, Thank you dearest Anne and Ruth (her co-author).

I did some work on my “Author’s Platform” or at least I am making the effort. I am now tweeting about two to three times a week. I discovered an obscene post on my Twitter feed, deleted it and blocked the dope who put it there. Fair warning, there are twits and other very bad people on Twitter so watch your feed. I can only pray none of my followers was offended enough to dump me and the excuse that I’m not savvy is not acceptable.

I have Facebook and work that one regularly, but now there is a new one call Tsu. I have not tried it yet but am told it is ‘the thing’ so it is on the list. I am blogging, hence this drivel and now all I need is a completely edited version of LIGHTED WINDOWS to have something to sell on a website. I know I should already have a website but without a book to sell, the costs seem unnecessary. But I am new at all this so what the heck do I know.

Sorry, my darlings, this has been a little scattered, my nose is still smarting from that Wall. I am, happily, back at my next two books and waiting for a cash infusion to send the next six chapters off to my wonderful editor. In case you have not read a lot of my blogging, I am paying to have LIGHTED WINDOWS professionally edited because there is so much yucky junkon Amazon and I do not wish to be one of “those” authors. I have come to completely accept you Cannot edit your own work and I will not publish LIGHTED WINDOWS until John Hudspith says it is acceptable. Notice I did not say good. First novels tend to be okay so I am hoping, barring any further Walls, my next two will actually be good.Miscellaneous 217

Adieu fair follower. Remember Chocolate fixes many things 🙂


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