Waiting Is Hard


I tend to whine a bit. I know this and do my best to twist a whine into a positive statement. It can be trying and I so dislike whining people that I strive Not to be one.

I know you are waiting for the But part of this post. Well, there really isn’t one. We are awaiting the close of escrow on our rental property here in California. It is a trying period but after over thirty years of working in the Real Estate Industry, I am somewhat used to it. It just takes a daily touch to check up on the situation. We have keys and garage door opener to drop off and I have not heard about the shelves in the garage. I am hoping they would like the extra storage. Heaven knows I have no place for that stuff.

I am also waiting for my editor. It has been a few months of waiting for me. I could not extend our budget to cover further editing of LIGHTED WINDOWS, so I had to wait for my yearly annuity to come in before I could send more chapters to Dearest John. Yes I know, his name is John Hudspith but he has been an absolute dear to me so I cannot think of him as any one but ‘Dearest John’.

The next thing for me will be to fly back to Kentucky and try to pick a replacement property. In the world of IRS, a 1031 tax exchange requires a replacement property and we must also replace the debt, so we will be applying for a loan. It has been so long since I was back in the land of water and trees, I don’t know even where to begin. I believe I’ll simply go and when I hit the ground I will commence doing as the all mighty IRS requires and hope the wait is not too long, because, well, waiting is hard.


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