Summer Vacation??


Some people go on vacations during the months of summer. This is a foreign concept to me because as a Realtor for 30 odd years, summer was the peak of my working season. Oh, and Christmas Eve, don’t ask me why but rather than baking cookies on Christmas Eve I was working.

There is a point to my ramble, I will be flying off to Kentucky next week to find a replacement property for the rental I just sold. That trip will be my ‘summer vacation’. Aint I just a ball of fun?? To be totally honest (bet you never heard that from a Realtor before :), I am looking forward to getting back to a place that has Rain! I have been watching our water situation here in Northern California and doing my part to conserve to the best of my abilities. I say that because I cannot just let my trees die. I give them water from my showers (even hubby collects shower water) and I water on the two days a week we are allowed to water for ten minutes, any and all landscape. I am sure you have seen the wildfires on the news, so you can see the water needed to stop them is a concern.

I am a little hesitant to leave just now. If you watch the national news those horrible flames you see running like a wild creature up the bone-dry hills are only a few miles from my home. The air is filled with smoke and sometimes even bits of ash. Summer vacation here in Norther California is a gamble that the fires will not make it to your home while you are gone. Yup, ball of fun!

So I will stop here and cross my fingers or something. Oh, wanted to say Hi to a lovely redhead. Did you know that red hair does not turn gray? When you are my age you will be a strawberry blonde. Yes, I am jealous, xx  Write On Darlings!!


One thought on “Summer Vacation??

  1. Well, hello there! Yes, I’ve heard about the awful California drought AND those snobby rich people who think they don’t have to conserve. Let’s see if they change their minds when they don’t have a glass of water to drink. Grrr. I sure hope things calm down while you’re in Kentucky.

    I just read that red hair doesn’t turn gray. They’re lying. A have a few. Shhh.

    Keep up the humor.


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