American Public Education


I received an ARC from an author and only managed to get about 17% into the work before I finally just stopped. I was going to leave a review, but I didn’t finish. I don’t think you should review if you don’t have the fortitude to finish the book. I don’t have it in me to try and finish this work. I am spending a lot of my time highlighting the missing words, verb tense confusion and just downright bad English.

Now I could have just deleted the book at this point but I fast forwarded to the end instead. The author tells about herself and thanks her ‘editor’ and friends and family and her daughter.The author lives in Kentucky. I am taking the long way around to say the American public education system is failing, badly.

Many of my friends from high school tell me the only way their children received a good education was because they paid to send them to private school (I’m from Ohio). The schools I went to when I was young no longer provide quality educations. The budget cuts in most states started with education and never recovered. My brother lives in Texas and tells me the same thing. After reading this ARC, I now understand what everyone was saying. This author’s work is so bad it is painful to read. She thanks an editor in her acknowledgements and I nearly dropped the Kindle. I was going to write to this author and suggest an editor! Holy Crap! I sincerely hope she did not pay for this so-called editor because the woman failed, utterly.

The current generation and a few prior, received a public education that not only did little to educate them, but caused a rift between those whose parents could pay for private education and those who could not. Perhaps that is why these generations are slow to leave the nest, slow to establish at a workplace, and generally not coping well with life in general. Without the foundation of a good education, they are adrift and we are to blame. We let the public education system die. We sent our kids to private and charter schools and did nothing when the political jackasses stole the education budgets. I am horrified. The work I was sent a copy of is a statement. The pubic education system is worthless.

If you read this far, thank you. I want to say just one thing: VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS! Never ever let anyone have a second term. The whores we call politicians must leave and we must not let them return. Throw them out, throw them out  THROW THEM ALL OUT! I am not political, but now I know we do not need anyone who has ever been in any elected office. We need those with a public education who have the will to renew our public education. A person without a command of our language can command nothing!

Soapbox stored, thank you for your attention.


One thought on “American Public Education

  1. I don’t have any children, so I haven’t had to deal with today’s teaching methods (or lack thereof) and the so-called “common core” teaching. However, I have noticed how the English language has degenerated to the point where even English teachers are teaching it incorrectly. My brother took an English class recently, and the instructor said it was perfectly fine to say, “…to you and I” and “…for you and I.”


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