The High One


The First Nation, or one of them, in Alaska, is the Athabascan people. I traveled to Alaska and saw Denali National Park while I was there. The tour guide explained that the mountain we could see (generally, it is shrouded in clouds) so clearly on our tour was called Mount McKinley after a U.S. president that never came to Alaska. The people of this region call the mountain the high one or in Athabascan: Denali. The Ohio delegation to Congress and I think the Senate as well, always blocked any attempts by the native people to have their mountain released from the fake name of Mount McKinley and returned to its original name: Denali.

Remember I wrote I am not political? Well, listening to the tour guide and also hearing a presentation put on by a true Athabascan (he was so quiet and kind) I was ashamed to be from Ohio. I deeply dislike the current president (tripled the national debt and gave it to the wealthy) but I had to say just this once, he did one thing right. The mountain in the pictures, both professional and my feeble attempts is amazingly beautiful. I am not just saying that because I have also been to Zermatt. The Matterhorn is an awe-inspiring mountain as well, so I know an awesome peak when I see one.

My point (and this time I actually have one:) is that a good thing has just happened from an awful president. The mountain in Alaska has been released from the fake name and returned to its true self. Denali is once again “The High One” and I for one am happy.


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