Fire and Smoke


It is all over the news, at least here in California, the Butte fire has doubled and doubled again. I can see the dragon’s breath from my driveway and it breaks my heart. The state seems to be on fire. People and animals desperate to escape the monster fires. I call it a dragon, I do know it is not real, but the flames grow and devour everything like a monstrous beast.

The results of a state on fire can be seen in many ways. The wild animals are forced into more populated areas and are not just in danger for their lives but for the humans they come in contact with. I nearly stepped on a rattlesnake yesterday. It was small, maybe eight or nine inches. How it came to be on my patio is a mystery. It was not there when I went out to collect the clothes off of the line. The Marine I married, picked it up with tongs and took it out to the field behind our house. I am not brave when it comes to snakes. I will endure days of labor to have a baby and think nothing of it, but a snake in my yard is way beyond my limits.

Now there is another fire in Lake County. They say it will rain, they just don’t say when. They say we will have floods and mudslides in the burn zones. Crap, half the state is a burn zone and the other half is dead because we don’t water and our yards are dead. I fight a daily battle to keep my trees going and my small flower bed alive. Buckets of shower water and a midnight sprinkle once a week. I say ‘midnight’ because water shaming is also a by-product of this historic drought. It was wonderful to see the firefighters pumping water out of swimming pools to defend against the dragon. Seems the water for their pools folk is coming in handy after all.

I have no point to this post. If I were to make a point it would be that there are very, very brave men and women out there fighting a dragon of a fire. The Rough fire has been burning for six weeks and is never more than 20% contained, there’s a dragon that will not be stopped. These men and women are true heroes and I pray every night for their safe return to their homes. So pray in any way that you wish, that the dragon does not devour our firefighters and ask  any deity for rain in California. It is our only hope.


One thought on “Fire and Smoke

  1. I’m behind on my blog reading, thus the delayed comment. It’s been seven months since those disastrous “dragons.” I always feel bad for the animals that can’t escape. I certainly hope things are better now and pray for rain, not just for California, but also for Colorado. We have those dragons as well. Take care.


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