Oh, God, it’s happened again. Some insane monster took a weapon and murdered students. And again, the talk is only about the weapon not the monster. WTF! A C-130 went down yesterday as well taking just as many lives but no one talks about retiring that old air-frame.

I’m so angry with that thing called Obama I cannot speak politely. Let us control the guns and, the inference is, this sort of tragedy will stop happening, like a knife or sword would do no harm. It is to awful to imagine a Katana in the hands of a murderer such as this. Am I the only one who sees what is actually happening?

IT’S NOT ABOUT THE GUN. Sorry, shouting doesn’t do any good I realize that but no one seems to understand. Sane people do not kill defenseless students. Insane people will find a way to kill with whatever they can get their hands on and gun control will not stop them.

Health Care is an industry. It is painful just to write those words but that is the real problem. Insane people are expensive and the “Industry” does not want to deal with them. So there is no place to put mentally sick people, because it would be too expensive and the corporate jets might not be the newest ones available. Don’t let them fool you, even the “not for profit” health care folks pay shameful amounts of money to their CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s and on down the ladder.

Do we want the killings to stop? The insane and the dangerous mental cases must be put in an asylum. There are no institutions for the general public to place their unstable relations in because it costs lots of money. Yes, the real problem is the money. The Health Care Industry does not want to lose money on crazy people, so crazy people kill lots of innocent people.

Seriously, sane people do not kill students. I don’t know how many times I’ve written those words. Why does it seem that I am the only one shouting about stopping the crazy people?

Okay, enough! The ones who could stop this won’t. Attacks on the second amendment to the Constitution (you know that old document the Obama-ination says is outdated) won’t stop these terrible events. As long as the insane are left out in the cold, they will continue to murder us.


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