The time has finally come. The last of the chapters are now in the editor’s hands and I am facing the precipice of publishing. I have a cover; I need a back blurb, but I am terrified. Don’t get me wrong, I love to write and this is my first complete manuscript. I have paid for professional editing, poor John, had to endure my early attempts. It takes some effort to not only write a book but do it as well as you possibly can. With practice, I believe I have improved. John says I have but he is too kind to say anything less.

What shall I do? Throw my first-born on the slush pile of Amazon? Try for an agent, at my age? Put it aside and know I did my best, feels like another alternative. But the worst of it is that I must make a decision and doing nothing is also a decision. I may stall and look for Beta readers first. They tell me it is a necessary part of polishing a book.

I have been working on an author’s platform. It is a soul-sucking enterprise. I will tweet now and again. I am just starting on Instagram and I find it hard to comprehend. My Facebook page has stalled at 1586 likes and my LinkedIn profile has expanded but  there is another platform I’m having some doubts about. Social Media is the way of the world but I feel lost in the Forbidden Forest.

What would you do?


3 thoughts on “LIGHTED WINDOWS

  1. Good job, Melody! I’m not sure what I would do in your situation. I’d post it on your Facebook page, add it to your profile on Linkedin, and tweet it, for sure.

    I’m just now starting to learn the art of social media. It’s powerful but there are learning curves for each application. May I suggest following Marc Guberti on Twitter and reading his blogs? He is THE GURU when it comes to social media and promoting yourself — and he’s only seventeen!

    I can’t find you on Facebook.


    • The first link takes me to Melody S. Lark — author. Your FB cover has the “Lighted Windows” photo. I “liked” your page. The second one takes me to Melody Scott Sargent in which there’s a rose on your FB cover. There’s nothing to “like.” I don’t have a professional FB page yet, just a regular one but I’m “Zanna Shirmana.” Thanks for the hair compliment!


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