What I’ve Learned


The last of the edits came back from John Hudspith. I finished going through them and while I deeply admire and believe in my editor, there were some changes I’m still struggling with. He removed a rather visceral sentence I rather liked, got all up in my grill about a ‘frozen’ chicken and changed the ending just a bit. What to do?

I’m currently re-writing the first, oh ten or twelve chapters of LIGHTED WINDOWS because they are terrible. I didn’t know they were terrible until I learned what good work looks like. Now I have to weed out all my, gag, moments that don’t work and don’t move fast enough and so on. I am also working on not ending all my sentences with a preposition. It is my book for better or worse and I am the name on the cover so perhaps I will ignore some of the edits and maybe replace that wonderfully visceral ‘plop of gray matter’ just because I wrote it the way it happened.

But what I’ve learned most is no one, not even someone as wonderful and special as my editor, Dearest Johnny, can write your book. I agree with most of his corrections and up until this last bit I would have never argued. But now, I’m facing publication of this long overdue work and I sincerely want it to be my work, the way I saw it. There is, however, the matter of sales. This editor has about fifty indie authors, so his knowledge of what sells is deep and he made a wonderful change to the ending that I am using.

So, I’ve learned you never stop learning. There are hundreds of way to write any sentence and while they all may not be exactly right for any given story, it is the job of the writer to pick and choose among the many variations, the best way to say and not say what you want the reader to hear. Thank you, my Dearest John, for being an amazing person. You have made LIGHTED WINDOWS a book worth reading. I hope to continue learning with each book that follows.Lighted Windows2 (1)


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