Writing, Editing and other anxieties.


My first novel is off to formatting and my beta reader, yes just one, but she says she is enjoying it. Of course, she could be just being nice but everyone in my group of walking folks tells me, Sue is a straight shooter and won’t say anything much at all if she didn’t like it. Actually, Sue told me if she doesn’t like a book she’s reading she stops. She doesn’t have a lot of reading time and won’t waste it on a book that bores her.

The next novel is not quite finished but I’ve been editing what was already written. I’m surprised at how far I’d gotten before I had to stop and try to launch LIGHTED WINDOWS. The next book is titled A MIND MATTER and while I hate that title, I’ve yet to come up with a better one. Right now I’m stuck in the fog, no really, the scene is in the London fog and I’ve planned two very different ways of writing this scene. The problem is picking the right one?? Both scenes have the drama and both reach the same point but the routes are quite different.

There are many great things to being a writer, there are also many head-banging things. I write what is in my head but sometimes I am of two minds. (yes, you may giggle) All writers do things their way and I’ve heard that some authors will start a work without any idea how the book ends. I’m the other way around. I know how the book opens and I have the ending clearly in my sights (I had the last sentence of LIGHTED WINDOWS in my head before I started writing.) as I begin fleshing out the work. The problem arises when a scene comes to me in a very different form then I’d planned. My file titled ‘Scenes for Later’ is growing by the day. I may save the work in two forms and read back through both before I decide.

Hope Spring is blooming in your area. We have temperatures over the eighty-degree mark, but we’ve also had rain so everything is so very green. I will share some of my flowers just in case you need some Spring right now.