I have a website


Holy Crap! I am now writing, I use the term loosely, on a WordPress Website. I was told I needed a website for selling my books (currently only the one) but I also learned that WordPress.org offers the best and easiest website. Trust me when I tell you they use the word “easiest” extremely loosely.

So all my wonderful followers, all two of you, okay maybe three, please come by and see me at http://www.melodyslark.com. No, really, I am over there typing my little fingers to the bone. Well, maybe not that much but it is where you will find me, if you look.

I’ve launched (again loose interpretation) my book LIGHTED WINDOWS on Amazon and I am trying to navigate the dark waters of the self-publishing world. Let me tell you, it is a strange and expensive world! So come by, when you have a moment and say Hi. I will give a wave back and it will validate my need for this website thingie.  Ciao my Lovelies!