The Joy of Being Right!!


As you may know or maybe not, I have complete a novel titled: LIGHTED WINDOWS. It is currently in editing and I just recently had the funds to send another three chapters to my wonderful and ever so kind, editor, John Hudspith. He has been instrumental in cleaning up this first manuscript and catching ghastly errors that four of my friends missed. I will not mention those errors here but suffice it to say “…even a platter of scrambled eyes” (eggs) has been removed from my opus.

Last night as I was shutting everything off, I happened to notice I had an email from John. Since he had chapters to edit, I thought, why not check his note so I will know approximately how much work awaited me. Bad move on my part. The note said, and I paraphrase here, “…100% POV correct, equally perfect succinct imagery throughout. No failings whatsoever, oh, and no weird foodstuffs..”. He liked it! I did a good job, OMG, sleeping is something I could not do. I wanted to celebrate my success, even if it was only three chapters. It was done well and I did it. Yup, it took sleepy -time tea and emails at one o’clock in the morning before I was able to sedate myself to sleep. WOW, that felt so good.

I suppose I should have been sad that I celebrated with tea and my cat while my husband slept, but honestly, I felt so good I did not care that I was alone. I wrote this alone, so it did not bother me. My cat was very happy too, being nocturnal, he was thrilled to have me up at 2:00 A.M. It proves I can learn and maybe I can write even if it is just a simple love story (not a romance, I have been told, not enough sex). It was a joyful interlude. Now, I just need to squeeze the budget and send off the rest of this manuscript. It should take about four more bundles to Dearest John (great editor) and this first book will be off to the Amazon slush pile. But, I will not be that author with a badly edited book. I was right for a change, it was magical! Love, Light and lots of Chocolate my dear ones….Ciao


When I Will Stop


I will stop reading the blurb of any book at a certain point and, I imagine most literary agents and publishers might be the same, when I read: “the billionaire…” “the (any royal) sheik…” “the attorney (see old posts)” and there may be a few more along those lines, but I am a prejudice old person. I won’t even read these books for free. Yes, I am going to hell, I do understand that, but several of my best friends promise to meet me there anyway.

Why, you did not ask I am certain, but this is my blog so I will tell any who have the misfortune to be reading this. No one with money, in my limited experience, wants to be associated with those who do not have money. First, they wish to be with those that understand them and second they do not wish to be taken advantage of by those who do not have “their” type of money. I wrote about my experience with a Von Meister on one of my blogs, it may have been on Tumblr, but I am old, I don’t always remember things, snark. When it comes to royals, I think our current young men, William and Harry, exemplify those problems. When it comes to the sheik, well they are all accustomed to having whatever they wish whenever they wish it so “love” is something they can obtain, as they wish. Yes, I am being polite here so if you want more, just ask.

Now I am mostly sure I have already addressed attorneys so I will leave that one alone. It goes something like “billable hours and making partner” to describe almost all the attorneys I have ever known and I have known (no not in a biblical sense) a lot of attorneys. They may trade sex for services but not for long because of the billable hours requirement.

Enough rant for today or maybe this week since I have WIP (works in progress) to get back to and the darn rent house did not sell. I promise to be of a better frame of mind or at least try to be in a better frame of mind before I write again.

Ciao my darlings, love, light and chocolate!

The Hellish Days of Summer


We have actually been lucky here in Northern California, relatively speaking. Winter did not come this year meaning no rain, no rain and then it rained in May and even in June. As my daughter would say WTF! But not enough to actually make a dent in this ‘historic’ drought. I am so unlucky to still be in this awful place to make history. The snow also did not cover the Sierra Mountains, the source of our summer water.

One of my followers, wait, I only have one, anyway I digress again, said the rain in her world was depressing her. Oh, sweet lovely lady, please trade me your life, no don’t but think of this. I have a stand of birch trees in my backyard that I have nurtured for over twenty years and I must now watch them die one limb at a time. Falling white branches litter my yard, like bones in my private graveyard. I will at times weep to see my lovely trees dying slowly, if only tears were enough to save them.

Las Vegas has spent $800 million dollars on a tunnel over 800 feet in depth and soon will pull the concrete plug beneath Lake Mead and drain the lake, so they will be able to continue to pump water to Vegas. Not a thought given for the wildlife, fish, birds and animals that depend on this lake and with all that money to spread around, no one will question these vandals. It is beyond tears at this point.

The next war will be over water.There may not be bloodshed, at least I hope not, but there will be a line between those who can buy water and those that must do without. There will be those who must watch their world die slowly and be powerless to stop it. So, my lovely sweet follower, despair not over the gray clouds and soggy landscape. Your world still lives.